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About Us

About Us

Nearly one out of 6 deaths worldwide is due to cancer as per the latest statistical analysis by World Health Organization. Also, as per the report by the apex body, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), cancer deaths are steadily going up in the last few years, accounting for about 7.70 lakh annual deaths in India.

Cancer belongs to that category of diseases which completely drains the physical, mental and financial condition of not just the patient, but his/her family too in all dimensions. Now, cancer is not just a rich man’s disease, it’s hitting people of low socioeconomic status as well.

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About Vishwaradhya Cancer Hospital

Cancer treatment that’s affordable, effective & accessible to all fraternities

We, are a group of proficient doctors and experts in research who are set up at Vishwaradhya Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. First started in 2018, we are located in a city that is strategically placed in the heart of the Karnataka state, i.e. Davangere. Thus making Vishwaradhya cancer Hospital one of the most approachable centre’s. Patients from nearby states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra also come here for treatment and professional advise”.

Our hospital is equipped with most advanced technology in radiation therapy and an expert research team. The Radiaxact Treatment Delivery System which forms the nucleus of our centre and delivers quality healthcare with sub-millimetre level precision and accurate radiation therapy all while delaying the onset and reducing the severity of adverse effects. Also, our proficient doctors and nursing staff work round the clock on providing a very hospitable atmosphere to the patients for a speedy recovery. We are in collaboration with one of the premier institutes, i.e. Bapuji Trust

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Empathy Is Our Mantra!

Our Dexterous Squad


Dr. Jagadish Tubachi

M.S (ENT & HNS), FHNS, Head Neck & Skull base Onco Surgeon


Dr. Rajeev A. G

Radiation Oncologist


Dr. Channabasappa G. Kori

M.S (Gen, Surg), M.Ch (Surgical Onco),Consultant Cancer Surgeon


Dr. Vigneshwar S

Head Neck & Skull base Onco Surgeon

Our Impact

Statistics speak more than words!

We continuously strive to deliver better and more effective services and keep expanding the numbers!


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